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Leaf Chair Frames - Premium Stainless Steel Quality - Powder Coated

Leafchair: A Timeless Classical Dream Crafted To Perfection


You are here because, like us, you believe contemplation needs a Leaf Chair to create the ambience and space for reflection.


Rupert Oliver, the designer who conceived the idea of a leaf chair way back in the 1960s, is a man of dreams. Today we continue with his tradition and build on his long and continuing career to proclaim, without hesitation, that our leaf chairs are timeless classics, functional and long-lasting.


But what makes out products unique?

  • The timelessness of style and design

  • The quality of raw materials we use

  • The elegance of the lines of the frames

  • The handcrafting of every individual chair

  • The beauty of the handmade seat covers

  • The dramatic presence of the stands

  • The perfect combination of aesthetics and utility


Coupled with this is our ability to capture dreams and imagination and transform them into reality!

The Vision

By incorporating the beauty of the myriad curves naturally available all around us, we have created a masterpiece; one that fuses the delicacy of the contemporary with the minimalism of modern art. Built to last by using the finest available raw materials, our chairs reflect a subtle strength that is manifested in its solidity.

The Accolades

Starting with displays put up for sales at esteemed outlets like Harrods, Heal’s and Liberty of London, our progress has been phenomenal. We have been featured in prestigious magazines like the Home House and Gardens. Our products found a place in exhibitions held by the Council of Industrial Design while BBC’s Tomorrow’s World lauded the futuristic designs of our leafchair.


The Leaf Chair

A timeless design has to be matched with a sturdy leaf chair frame. Our leaf chair frames are made to order. The steel frames are handcrafted and then powder coated with a thermoplastic powder or made with brushed finish stainless steel. This makes them highly resistant to impacts, water and provides them with superlative UV-stability.

The frames are so designed that they complement the style of the chair. By adding a contemporary twist to their inherent original elegance, each leaf chair is made to stand out; it is a true classic Designer chair.

The Cover

While the choice of super-grade materials is ours, you define the colour and trims that our sailmakers would add to the cover. This personalises the chair and makes it conducive to your moods.

To ensure the highest quality of finish, our sail-makers either use an indoor/outdoor marine-grade acrylic canvas of premium quality or vegetable-tanned, eco-friendly saddle-quality cowhide leather for indoors. This makes our chair withstand the rigours of use yet remain true to their original colour, style and looks.


The Suspended chair

The Suspended chair has an inherent charm. With several options to choose from, we offer you a stand so your leaf chair can suit any situation.

By using steel, powder-coated in black or white, or brushed finish stainless steel, each stand is made to maximise your use of the available space yet give the entire setting a dramatic look.

So what are you waiting for?

Visit us today and let our experts craft for you a chair to contemplate the times gone by and make dreams for the future yet to come!

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