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Leaf Chair Frames

Leaf chairs designed and sold by Rupert Oliver himself are a futuristic piece of timeless art, functional yet artistic, durable with a hint of permanence.

Different chairs, different uses but each having the same purpose; to support and give you comfort in the best possible way. To enhance the room décor yet have utility and purpose.

Who else but the creative genius of Rupert Oliver can come up with such a brilliant combination! Rupert Oliver conceived this futuristic brilliance in the 1960s but the designs are even more in demand now than they were then. Such is the brilliance of artisanship! Such is the classic timelessness of the design and the style!

We are proud to be able to bring to you several different varieties of leaf chairs. Let us explore a few popular varieties!

Leaf Chair Frames: Stores

Garden Chair

The garden chair is a beautiful aesthetically designed leaf chair that is suitable for both the outdoors and the indoors. When suspended outdoors, it offers a perfect opportunity to enjoy the subtle nuances of nature. You can simply while away your time and escape from the fast-paced life to spend some lazy moments reflecting about life, reminiscing good old times, revisiting memories. The possibilities are endless as will be the times that you will spend on this leaf chair in the garden.

With handcrafted frames finished to make the garden leaf chair resistant to weather changes, water, impacts, and UV light, this leaf chair will enable sustained usage over many years.

Interior Design Chair

These chairs have a double benefit. They can be suspended or hung from stands. Imagine being able to swing away from your daily blues inside the comfort of your homes! Does it not sound heavenly!

A leaf chair with better utility is yet to be made!

The interior design chair is the perfect way to be at peace, to clear away all tensions and tiredness from your life.

Its hollow yet robust stainless steel stand is crafted to maximise space utilisation and provide you with the best possible usage of available space. You will just not be able to resist this chair!

Not because of its aesthetics, even though they are beyond compare, but because of the serene comfort, it offers.

The stands ensure safe and secure suspension while the leaf chair frames and cover are crafted to offer maximum comfort. Our sailmakers ensure that you get a choice in the colour, material, and trims. They skillfully create the cover as per your choices. This personalisation of the leaf chair makes it uniquely original; something that is bound to garner appreciative glances from all who visit your home.

Interior Design Chair

This is the perfect furniture to soothe your tired legs. Crafted so that you can sit with your legs stretched in a semi-reclining position, the chaise lounge is a unique combination of a chair and an upholstered sofa. 

Our sail-makers however beg to differ. For them this is an independent piece of furniture; one with an identity of its own. Hence, they are crafted using eyelets and braiding to give them a  unique look. Materials used are all of premium quality so that when you buy, they become prized possessions to be passed down generations.
A chair is so much more than just a piece of furniture. It supports you, provides relief to your tired legs, and makes you feel comfortable.

But for us at the Leaf Chair Story, a leaf chair is also the perfect companion to reflect on life, find equilibrium, enjoy memories and make some more.

We believe every leaf chair helps weave a beautiful memory. 

So get yours today and start making everlasting memories to cherish!

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