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The Classic Hanging Chair


Weaving Dreams With The Perfect Accessory: The Hanging Leaf Chair

You have a corner, a space to call your own, a place to sit and reflect in muted lights. The ambiance seems perfect yet something seems missing. What?

A hanging chair to sit on, relax and reminisce; a chair to swing on and let the soft lull fill you with peace!

But how do you choose one? What options do you have?

Plenty, now that you have come to us. We offer you quite a range of hanging leaf chairs. They can even be customised. From choosing the stand to settling on the colour and material of the cover, we offer you a say in almost everything. And our chairs come with the unique Rupert Oliver guarantee!

Rupert Oliver, the man who had the vision to foresee the need for fusing aesthetics and practicality. The man, who showed brilliance in coming up with a perfect combination of classical elegance and modern-day charm. His creative brilliance was so futuristic that demand for these chairs only keeps growing even today.

Let us take you on a brief tour of the different options we offer for the hanging leaf chair.

Leaf Chair White Frame Bottle Green Canv

The Classic Hanging Leaf Chair

A timeless classic that has stood the creative test of time, the hanging leaf chair, is the perfect accessory to reflect on memories of times past. It is perfect when you want to spend time just lazing around.

Handcrafted with a single-point suspension, this hanging chair is durable, resistant to the impacts of weather and water, and extremely comfortable. The powder-coated finish of the steel leaf chair frame and stand, or the brushed finish stainless steel frame or stand the sleek, modern-looking frame, makes it an irresistible buy.

This hanging leaf chair is ageless in its design and helps bring in a hint of old-world charm into your homes. Suitable for enhancing the décor of its surrounding, the classic hanging chair has an elegance you will love from the moment you see it.

Classic hanging chairs also come with two types of finishes—one wherein the cover is made of an indoor/outdoor marine-grade acrylic canvas of premium quality and the other is the eco-friendly vegetable-tanned premium quality leather for indoors. You can choose from either of the two based on your needs and suitability of the chair with your room décor.

Stylish Hanging Chair

Our Leaf Chair is a stylish hanging chair. These leaf chairs are chic enough to infuse a dramatic presence in their surroundings. They maximise space utilisation just as the other hanging leaf chairs and are also available with an option of three stands—the L,  C, and the T stands.

Constructed of steel, the stands comprise of hollow tubes beautified by the addition of coats of powdered white or black paint. These stands are robust and sturdy enough to suspend your leaf chair safely and securely. Or you can choose the luxury of brushed finish stainless steel.

Rupert Oliver's Leaf Chair

The Rupert Oliver Leaf chair is a beautiful composition, thought of and designed by the creative genius of our founder, Rupert Oliver.

It comes equipped with leaf chair frames coated with thermoplastic powder coating, premium quality covers, sail quality eyelets and hand-fitted braiding. The thermoplastic powder-coating makes this leaf chair UV stable and resistant to water and impact. You can even keep these outdoors and enjoy solitude amidst the beauty of nature.

Only one name does justice to the leaf chair and that is Rupert Oliver!

So come soon, we are waiting! 

Fall in love with our hanging leaf chairs and take one home to make it your favourite!

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