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Leaf Chair - Premium Hanging Chair - Many Styles Available


Conceived during the creative explosion in the 1960’s in London, Rupert Oliver’s Leaf Chair captures the delicate and minimalist curves of nature. Hand crafting the frames from the finest British raw materials brings its strength and solidity. A timeless piece of functional art, built to last.

Originally sold at Harrods, Liberty of London and Heal’s, the Leaf Chair was an instant design classic. Exhibited by the Council of Industrial Design and featured in magazines such as Home and Garden. Its futuristic design was also featured on BBC’s Tomorrow’s World.

To sit in a leaf chair is to reflect on the balance of life. To find equilibrium. To embrace the past – and contemplate the future.

The Leaf Chairs' Timeless Style

Equally, at home indoors or out, the Leaf Chair's elegant lines and highest quality materials instantly capture the imagination and draw attention.


Thermoplastic powder-coated frames, marine-grade canvas covers, eyelets and braiding make the Leaf Chair UV stable and fully water-resistant for outside use, while the highest quality saddle grade leather covers will bring style and class to any interior space.

Leaf Chair - High Quality Hanging Chair - Premium Styles
Leaf Chair  Stainless Steel Frames - Various High Quality Frame Designs Available

Leaf Chair Frames

Leaf Chair frames are constructed to order, by hand in North Wales from steel.


Black and white Leaf Chair frames are powder coated with a Polyethylene Copolymer thermoplastic powder coating designed for exceptional impact resistance, UV-stability and water resistance.


Brushed effect stainless steel leaf chair frames offer a stunning contemporary twist to the original elegant design and are perfect for bringing design drama to interior spaces.

Leaf Chair Canvas Covers

Canvas Leaf Chair seat covers are individually hand made to your colour and trim choices by skilled sailmakers in the North West of England.


Premium quality marine grade acrylic canvas, 24 plait nautical polyester braid and marine grade eyelets are used to give the highest possible quality finish.


Canvas Leaf Chair covers will stand the rigours of the toughest winters outdoors, while remaining true to their original colour and style for the Summer.

Leaf Chair Covers - Premium Quality Marine Grade Acrylic Covers - Various Styles
Leaf Chair Covers - Premium Quality Marine Grade Acrylic Covers - Various Styles

Leaf Chair Saddle Leather Covers

Leather covers are made from the finest 2.8mm thick saddle quality cowhides. Our premium leather is vegetable tanned, the most traditional and eco-friendly method available.


Leaf Chair premium leather covers are made by the same select craftsmen to the same exacting standards and will last a lifetime, only improving with age and usage.

Leaf Chair Stands and Accessories

There is a leaf Chair Stand for every situation.

C Stands have been specifically designed to mirror the Leaf Chair's beautiful lines and create a dramatic presence. Corner stands are designed to maximise interior space by pushing right into the corner of your room. T stands maximise interior space by aligning flush to an interior wall of your room.


All stands are constructed from robust Brushed Stainless Steel Tube and are finished in black or white powder-coated paint. Stands are designed for indoor use and are the perfect way to suspend your Leaf Chair securely and safely independent of any other hooks or chains.

Leaf Chair Stands - High Quality Stainless Steel Frames Powder Coated - Premium Styles Available
Rupert Oliver Leaf Chair Designer - Premium Hanging Chairs - Stainless Steel Frames & Various Styles

The Leaf Chair Designer

Rupert Oliver is a rarity in this world as a self-taught enthusiast becoming hugely influential in several design worlds including furniture, children’s play, and leisure installations.

Rupert has always been motivated by a strong desire to design, create, and communicate. He turned his enthusiasms to designing furniture in the 1960's.

Rupert Oliver’s career path as a creator of futuristic furniture took an important new direction as a result of identifying the need to provide safe and stimulating play for children with complex needs. The results were wonderful. Children who were isolated and anxious, joyously engaged in play as they never had before.

Rupert built on this success and went on to become the founding father of children’s soft indoor play as we know it today and his colourful articulated indoor play equipment and shaped vinyl-encased foam blocks are now a standard throughout the world.

Rupert Oliver’s design portfolio is both eclectic and innovative but with his Leaf Chair he has created a singular piece of design brilliance that captures the hearts and imaginations of all who experience it and will truly stand the test of time.

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